Being a former BMTA (British Muay Thai) Champion back in 1999, I have gained extensive experience from being a competitor which took off at  All  Stars  Boxing Gym under the tutelage of MBE Isola Akay. 



Starting combat sports in 1982, I have fought domestically, regionally and internationally on numerous occasions for numerous championships. I have been affiliated with various training gyms in America, Canada, Cuba, Holland, and Thailand not to mention England.

My coaching career began in 1996, and I have produced many champions competing for various championships and belts in boxing and Thai boxing. My motivating and exciting classes are conducted in boxing gyms, fitness gyms and a diverse range of schools and university.

Over the years, I have acquired many qualifications and recognition which ensures safeguarding and correct method of coaching. My qualifications are:

  • Level 2 Full Coach from Amateur Boxing Association England (A.B.A.E)

  • Instructor 1 from Ministry of Education and World Muay Thai Council

  • Instructor 2 from Ministry of Education and World Muay Thai Council

  • Fitness Instructing Level 2 (QCF) from Active IQ

  • Exercise and Knowledge Level 1 from Central YMCA N/SVQ

  • Safeguarding & Child Protecting from England Boxing

  • Safeguarding & Protecting Children from Sports UK

  • First Aid at Work from STS Complete Health and Safety Ltd

Come get involved in some of my classes and see what they will offer you. You will be surprised, the possibility are endless. In the interim, if you have queries, feel free to contact me.

This has shaped me to become a highly regarded and successful boxing and Thai boxing coach in the fighting community.


“A good coach will make his fighters see what they can be rather what they are” is a quote that I religiously believe in. Here is a list of a few champions I have helped gain success within fighting sports:

  • Ilyas Shafiq: WKA Junior Open Thai Boxing British Champion (May 2014)

  • Kimani Willmot: WKA Southern Area Thai Boxing Champion (November 2015) and WKA British Thai Champion (April 2016)

  • Lattrell Dyer: WKA Junior English Title (October 2011)

  • Rayal Boettgenback: WKA Junior Open Thai Boxing British Champion (May 2014)

  • Shenelle Dyer: Kids IFMA Junior Muay Thai World Championships (March 2013) and WKA Junior English Title (October 2011) and WKA British Junior Open Champion (May 2012) and Super League Champion Title (May 2012)

  • Sofian Chaer: WKA Junior Area K1 Champion and WKA British Thai Champion (June 2015)

  • Soulamain Danyour: WKA K1 Southern Area Champion (July  2016)

  • Yassin Jamal: WKA Open Junior British Thai Champion (April 2011)